Our Services

For Clinical Success: We can provide…

CRO Services:

CRO services will be provided on a fee-for-service, which include proof-of-concept and Process/Drug Optimization, Efficacy Studies, and CMC Technology Development.

Regulatory Affairs Services:

We will provide guidance on the regulatory landscape and its requirements.

We will assist you in the preparation and submission of FDA grants application

We will provide guidance for pre-IND and IND applications that meet FDA requirements

Clinical Trial Design:

Our incubator is located in close proximity to first-class hospitals and research centers for R&D and clinical trials

We will help you design your clinical trials.

For Financial Success:

We will provide unique funding opportunities to incubate, which can accelerate the innovation path for the company and make them market-ready.

We serve as an investment channel for investors.

Partnership with the community

For investors in the U.S, we can help to…

1. Identify potential overseas investors for partnership development and fundraising.

2. Collaborate with overseas partners through roadshows.

3.Build a network with overseas investors who are interested in early-stage biomedical innovation

For overseas investors, we can help to…

1. Cooperate with world-recognized scientists and leaders from TMC.

2. Act as an entry point to the U.S. market for overseas companies who are interested in expanding to America.

3. Facilitate the creation of new biotech joint ventures in the US.

Why join us?

Other Benefits: We can also help you

Access to a very large and diverse patient population

Access to GLP and GMP facilities

Become the hub to other (non-client) companies to connect the innovation ecosystem stakeholders

Work closely with life science innovation stakeholders in Houston

Support with corporation registration, HR, and accounting

Tax advisory (through a third party)